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May 1st, 2013
Modern Day Renaissance Men.
By: Coreh Dameron
Continuing on with coverage from this past weekend at C2E2 we're 2 talented & humble
young men I interviewed. Dave Marquez (artist/illustrator of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man,
All-New X-Men and the upcoming OGN The Joyners in 3D
) & R. J. Ryan (critically acclaimed
co-author/writer of Syndrome
).  They were in Chicago at C2E2 giving insight on the upcoming
release of their new original graphic novel "The Joyners in 3D". Just to be all the way honest,
these guys are freaking amazingly cool.  This was an on the spot interview conducted at the Archaia
booth but in a matter of moments it seemed as if it was just 3 buddies at a bar having a real
conversation. Notable mentions within this interview go to Mel Caylo, Archaia Entertainment,
& Tara Marquez.

What was the inspiration of making "The Joyners in 3D" somewhat of a contrast/
parody of The Jetsons?

  - R. J. Ryan: As a fan of Dave Marquez's work, I wanted to see him do his version of that
world and as a bonus, see it in 3D. For over a year Dave sent me drawings and concepts
of a family 50 years in the future and I loved each one.

"In The Joyners in 3D" the father George, creates 2 inventions. The 1st invention
made him famous around the world. How deep into the book until we find out what
the 2nd invention is?

  - .R. J. Ryan: You're going to find out on page 1 and it's part of the reason, on why things
take a turn for the worst with George and his family

Is he going to be the reason why we have 5 legged dogs & 3 breasted women like
in Total Recall?

  - .R. J. Ryan: No, lol but if you're thinking that, you're going to have a lot of fun with this book
especially when you get to the 2nd half of it.

If there was a network that wanted to pick up "The Joyners in 3D" and adapt it into a
TV series, whats one of your favorite networks that you feel would do justice?

  - .R. J. Ryan: The Playboy Channel!
  - Dave Marquez: I like that idea.

Since both of you guys have worked at the big brother companies, how does it feel to
have creative freedom with Archaia?

  - .R. J. Ryan: It's total creative freedom with Archaia. We're our own boss and its a great partnership.

  - Dave Marquez: It's a chance to build, create, and do things organically from scratch with our own
direction. When you're working with a company that already has a brand and idea of what direction
they want you to go in, it can periodically take away some of the creative flow from with inside of you.
You have a responsibility to maintain their brand when working with them.  With Archaia, we have the
opportunity build our own platform and brand. If I'm tired or drunk & I want to incorporate that into the
story then I have the liberty of doing so.

Will there be a series or potential 2nd book to "The Joyners in 3D"?

  - .R. J. Ryan: The end, is the end... The book is pretty much ready for print. It's a close ended story.
It's an emotional story with an ending that's going to stick with you.

Do we have a wish date or official launch date for "The Joyners in 3D"?

 - .R. J. Ryan: New York Comic Con 2013 in October, we will have it in our hands and within a few
weeks afterwards it'll be in stores.

Has social media helped spread the word on present and future projects you guys
have going on?

- R. J. Ryan: A large majority of our awareness has came from different platforms of social media.
From our personal twitter & facebook pages, to the novel and Archaia's. Social media has been a
great resource of helping us connect with fans from all over. It's like a 24/7 comic book convention
online these days.

 - Dave Marquez: We appreciate the interaction with our fans. Online or in person.

Dave you've done a lot of work with high profile brands/figures in the comic world,
such as All-New X-Men. Do you believe it's a shadow to outgrow from your past work?

 - Dave Marquez: It's not a sense of overcoming a shadow. It's really just adding on to my extension of
creativity & work. I respect & love working for Marvel and I hope to continue working with them in the
future. This is just my way of showing my love for comics in its entirety and not just one fraction of
super hero drawings. I want to grow the medium. There hasn't been a serious narrative 3D comic
done ever and that's what we're doing with "The Joyners in 3D". I'm evolving & changing my style
so I can create my lane of artistic identity.

From 2010's book "Syndrome" fast forward to "The Joyners in 3D", it seems the chemistry
between you guys is great. Can we expect future collaboration projects from you two?

 - Both: Yes, of course.
 - R. J. Ryan: It's a family affair. We can't talk about it now, but it will be working on something a few years from now.

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