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Whats your background? I'm Lebanese & German born in the US.

Do you go by your govt name or socialite (entertainment) name and how did it come about?
Masadi Ali.
Its really suppose to be Masari (money in lebanese) but people kept saying Masadi, so I made it my own name lol Ali is a world famous name & it has a nice ring to it don't it? Masadi Ali lol

What do you feel your best asset is?
 I get a lot of compliments on my booty & my eyes. I really like both so its a toss up lol but my personality is pretty dope too lol not just a pretty face baby.

Have you ever been nervous before a shoot? 
Yes I was, during nervous my first one. I was over thinking everything I did, & it showed in the pictures. Luckily I had my friends with me & they helped by putting trap music on, loosened me up & the shoot came out great!

What can the world expect to see from you in the near future? 
Who knows what the future holds but I expect to become as good as everyone says I can be & do great things using that platform.

IG: @masadiali

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She's A Problem Model of The Month (September/October 2017):

Masadi Ali

Posted By: Coreh Dameron
Thurs Sept 21st, 2017