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She's A Problem Model of The Month:
Briana Jackson

What is your background/nationality/age/city & state?
I'm African American. 28 and I'm currently in Las Vegas, raised in Virginia 

What do you feel your best asset is?
My heart. Don't mean to make it mushy or be a sap but I would say my heart is the best asset it's been through a lot and still hasn't changed. 

Do you go by your govt name or entertainment name and how did it come about?
I go by my real name. I like my name and I don't think any other name fits me honestly than my own. 

Main quality you desire in a partner?
Consistency!!! People nowadays are just very flighty. They are here one minute and next they are gone. In order to establish anything you have to be consistent whether it be a friendship or a relationship nothing to me can be built or establish without some type of consistent effort on both parts 

Besides modeling, what else are you passionate about or would you choose as a career?
I went to school and graduate with a degree in art and fashion merchandising so I really want to use my degree. I am currently working on my website and new logo design , as well as some other marketing tool I want to use to market myself as a personal stylist. In the mean time I post a lot of OOTDs on a separate Instagram (@_stylebybri) than my personal one for inspiration and kind of get my name out there .

What can the world expect to see from you in the near future?
Hopefully hosting, more shoots, my styling blowing up. You never know the sky is definitely the limit.