She's A Problem Model of The Month (July/August 2017):

​Jay Marie

Posted By:Coreh Dameron

Fri July 21st, 2017


IG: @queen_j.m_

Have you ever been nervous before a shoot?Yes I have,I believe every model has and wants to do the best they can. I would practice in the mirror before every shoot, but it's all about having confidence in yourself that you will do your best and give an amazing shot let that flow and everything will come out amazing. 

What is your background? I am a 20 years old African American, born and raised in Bronx New York. 

How long have you been modeling or thinking about getting into the modeling realm and is it more so for passion/profession or a fun hobby? I always loved taking pictures for my social media site but I have been modeling professionally for almost a year. I love being in front the camera is definitely a passion,telling a story and showing girls to love yourself and be comfortable and fierce in your own skin.

What do you feel your best asset is? I feel I have more than one good asset,I would say my smile,personality and the body I am blessed with. Basically everything, I learned you have to love yourself before anyone else can so everyone should learn how to love who they are.

If you had a time machine would there by anything you'd like to change in your past or would you like to peek into your future? No I wouldn't go back and change anything because everything in life happens for a reason. Every moment,mistake you learn from and it makes you a stronger person. In my future I hope I am happy and successful doing what I love to do.

What do you like most about modeling & what is one of your pet peeves that you would like to change about the stigma of the modeling industry? What I like about modeling is being able to tell a story, different ideas, styles of clothing and all kinds of different visions that models bring to life. My pet peeve is to give more opportunity to the curvy women in the modeling industry. Many women have curves and should love them and all brands should represent that. 

Do you go by your govt name or socialite (entertainment) name and how did it come about? My name is Jaylin Marie Washington my social name is Jay Marie, it gives me star power that confidence I have.

Besides modeling, what else are you passionate about or would you choose as a career? I love to dance i am a hip hop dancer/choreographer and I also love to act. 

What type of influence or wow factor do you aim at when doing shoots? The wow factor is being yourself, showing your talent and shining threw the camera. 

What can the world expect to see from you in the near future?  The world will see me being Jaylin and using my talents to do what i love working to be  successful and showing all women with curves you can do it. Also want to give back to the people and animals in need i am blessed and love to give my blessings to others in the world.

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