If you would like to create a custom package that fits your budget please provide your contact information on the Contact Us page and we will contact within 12-24hrs. If an invoice is needed/required before payment is sent, please leave detail info on the Contact Us page. We also accept payments from CashApp & Square.

Media Services​:

Online Publicity:

To find new fans and supporters, we will reach out daily to key sites for features, 
placements and more of key content. Placements are not guaranteed but I have a very 
strong relationship with all these bloggers with proven placements.

Here are a list of sites:
Rapwave.com & much more...


Music Choice Submission & Placement:

NAP Entertainment Inc. will submit a record from you it would land on the Rap Channel and stay in rotation for approximately 30 to 45 days. The more the record has traction via online the 
more of an influence we will have once I reach out to the music programmers.


Music Video Programming: ( BET Jams, MTV.com, Revolt Tv ) 

NAP Entertainment Inc. will submit the video via online to the programmers, once they decide on the visual I will then return to the client with the verdict. If the client feels comfortable 
with the verdict, then we will finalize the business which includes payment and 
the entire submission process ( Lyric Sheet - Revisions - Close Caption )


Sound Cloud & Spotify Promotion:
NAP Entertainment Inc. can help boost your traction with listens and subscribers with Sound Cloud & Spotify Promotion. I will spend some time working your streaming presence since 
most international supporters / fans discover their music this way. Sound Cloud is the 
most popular way to discover music online. We must build your subscribers which 
translates to fans and your plays which translates to listens. NAP Entertainment Inc will 
strategically expose Forever to other major artist fan base to piggy back off their 
traction and support. This is organic and reliable. We also need to clean up the account. 
All these links with small amount of plays is not a good look for record executives, 
editors and bloggers when they review your account. You should only have the records 
you are promoting. You will see an increase of 50 to 80%.


Additional Services:
Arrange 1 on 1 meeting between client and executive of a major label/distribution company

Create email campaign that will be serviced out to a database of over 200,000k+ industry contacts.

Encode and register songs with Nielsen BDS/Mediabase for detection of radio spins, including 
servicing the record to several regions.

Register any and all material needed via online with ASCAP/BMI/SESAC.

Service record to iTunes & all digital retail outlets, along with licensing & music syncing companies.

Numerous record pools will service record for streaming & downloading exposure.

Link name of artist & artist’s material with Google searches of other artists related to
that specific genre and demographic region for higher search of Google Analytics.

Monitor Facebook (FanPage), Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Youtube,
Spotify, & . Focus is to increase traffic to all sites.

Service record to Music/Mixshow/Program Directors of (College, P-1, Music Choice, XM
& SIRIUS, AOL Music, Yahoo Music, CBS Radio) stations for review & possible airtime.

DJ’s that will be receiving the records: Mixshow, Radio, Club, Online, Overseas, & the entire CORE DJ’s.
For All Inquires & Quotes of services email napentertainment@gmail.com

Tier Three - $850.oo

Blog/Website Placements - Obtain write up's for you on top tier music, entertainment & lifestyle blog/websites (10-15 write ups).

Tier Two - $1,000.oo

Blog/Social Media Promo - Obtain write up's for you on top tier music, entertainment & lifestyle blog/websites (15 write ups), 1mth of social media promo on our following platforms with your content (Instagram, Vero, Facebook, Tumblr). 

Tier Four - $350.oo

Social Media Promo - 1mth of social media promo on our following platforms with your content (Instagram, Vero, Facebook, Tumblr).

Promo Packages:

NAP Entertainment inc.

Tier One - $1,400.oo

PR Campaign - Obtain write up's for you on top tier music, entertainment & lifestyle blog/websites (15-20 write ups), 1mth of social media promo on our following platforms with your content (Instagram, Vero, Facebook, Tumblr). Arrange 2-3 podcast/online radio interviews.