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Have you ever been nervous before a shoot? Yes, of course. My first shoot I was completely clueless and didn't know which way to look etc. I used to be nervous of how my body would look, but as long as you're with a great photographer they know how to capture your best angles.

What is your background? I'm 27. Sagittarius 😈😏. Well I'm from the U.K., so I'm British, though I do know my family goes back to the Vikings, so more than likely a bit of Scandinavian.

How long have you been modeling or thinking about getting into the modeling realm and is it more so for passion/profession or a fun hobby? Well for years people have said "Do you model? Why don't you model?" So I finally took initiative to take a shot at it. So it really started with in this year.

What do you feel your best asset is? I would say my height, eyes, ass. The combination of all lol, how ever many people can have height, many people can have ass, but not every one has the piercing blue eyes that I have.

If you had a time machine would there by anything you'd like to change in your past or would you like to peek into your future? Initially my answer was to go back to my younger self when I was insecure about my height, and build. How ever when I go in depth with this question I would go back to when everything was first created, to where all the answers are. (I've been reading a lot about how powerful our minds are lol)

What do you like most about modeling & what is one of your pet peeves that you would like to change about the stigma of the modeling industry? What I like most about modeling is that truly any one can do it, any size, race, height, sex, religion, style, etc. I would change the stigma is the one that only skinny, young people can do it, how ever is not true in all the realms of modeling.

Do you go by your govt name or socialite (entertainment) name and how did it come about? I go by Sophie. How ever my work mates gave me a few nick names, Sofia the first, big booty Judy, pendeja lmao. How ever I don't mind being referred to as the Almighty Amazon Goddess Sophie. I'm just kidding.. no I'm not lol.

Main quality you desire in a partner? Integrity.

Besides modeling, what else are you passionate about or would you choose as a career? Acting, especially in a comedy. I'm so so silly, always making silly faces, different voices, singing aloud. I'd absolutely love to act. Plus I feel video captures your soul, you can see a persons personality more so through video.

What type of influence or wow factor do you aim at when doing shoots? My main focus is to show case me. A women of my size and stature. To capture my eyes. I never saw someone like me or had someone like me to look up to as I was growing up. I plan to be the model for all the amazons to gain confidence and courage from. It takes along time for a young girl to be okay with being over 6ft. So here I am, to show it's amazing, unique and you everything to be proud of to be over 6ft. Also for all the mamas with their tiger stripes to embrace what motherhood has done to our bodies, and that we are still as special and sexy af.

What can the world expect to see from you in the near future? "Watch out for me, I'm about to glow"

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