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The Walking Dead: Season 7 Finale Recap

April 2nd, 2017

The Twists, The Turns, The Tragedy, The Triumph... Last night’s season finale “The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life”, felt like more of a movie then a tv show.  Rick and the crew somehow again defied the odds and even when all hope seemed to be snatched away once more from our beloved hero, the cavalry came just in the nick of time. Well a tiger plus the cavalry.  For starters let us all remember any episode directed by Greg Nicotero is going to be an action packed and heartfelt episode and he did not disappoint us in the least. 

From the moment, the episode started with Sasha in complete darkness, breathing faintly, and headphones on, you could tell that something wasn’t quite right. The flashback sequences between Abraham and Sasha was a strong signal that Sasha might not be making it through this entire episode alive, sadly that was true.
Back at Alexandria, Rick questions Dwight. Dwight insists he wants Negan dead but there are too many saviors for him to take on by himself. Dwight warns the crew, Negan is coming soon. Twenty Saviors. He can slow them down. "If you can take them out, that's where we start," Dwight said. He tells Rick about the Sanctuary and has a plan to attack. He will fool them into thinking everything is okay and when more come they'll kill them, too. The workers will align with Rick. They can go from outpost to outpost and end the issues. 
Sasha continues listening to her music in the confined space before thinking of Abraham again. She had a dream that he died.

Negan has now unveiled his plan to Sasha. He is bring Lucille out for "three." She starts to tear up but he can't believe she has any weaknesses, so he mocks her. "Punishment is how we built everything we have," he said. He says she won't let him do this but he cuts her off aggressively. She continues to insist that no one has to die. He negotiates, "One. Just one? I was gonna pull three out of the pool but one. Just for you," he said. She says, "Okay, just one person has to die." He stands up and says, "You got me wrapped around your little finger, you know that?" 

At the Hilltop, Maggie discusses plans with Jesus. Gregory has gone to the Sanctuary. She is planning on leading the Hilltop to Alexandria to fight. Jesus is glad she is the one making the decisions here. Judith sits on the floor. Maggie is given Hershel's pocket watch.

On the streets, Carol and the Kingdom soldiers march to Alexandria. They come across Morgan. Morgan killed the bodies in the street. He insists he can be on his own. Ezekiel questions if Morgan seeks to extinguish everything of who he was. Morgan says he doesn't seek it but he is stuck. "You want the Saviors dead?" Ezekiel asks. Morgan does so Ezekiel invites him to accompany his regiment. They all need allies in this endeavor. He questions why Morgan is wearing Benjamin's armor and continues to urge him to join their fight. "We start once more for the fallen!" Ezekiel calls out. "For the Kingdom! For the glory of victory!"

Sasha continues listening to music, again, before being taken to the memory with Abraham. He tells her this is going to end with them "kicking s---" and "eating snakes." She wants to sit this one out, though. He asks how he died in her dream. "You were at the beach," she said. "You got pulled under and you didn't come back up. I was trying to find you but you were gone. And then I started to drown."

As Alexandria prepares for the Saviors' arrival. Rick insists the wall will hold. Everyone is ready for battle. Eugene is leading the charge, spewing out orders to Alexandria. Rick is confused. "Hello," Eugene said to Rick. He said there is no option by to comply. Everyone looks on, angered. Eugene asks Rick, "Will you comply?" Jadis looks to him, from her hiding spot beside him. "Where's Negan?" he asks. "I'm Negan," Eugen replies. Rosita is losing her cool, as is the rest of the group. Rick has to make a decision. Rosita sets the bomb for the explosives but they don't go off. Rick ducks, expecting something to happen but it doesn't. Instead, Jadis puts a gun to Rick's head and all of Alexandria is cornered. The junkyard gang opens the gate for Negan, who smuggly walks in, with Dwight hesitantly behind him.

Michonne is looking on from a far with her rifle. She turns around and finds the other woman with her gun drawn to her face. 

The standoff continues. "You ever hear the one about the stupid little prick named Rick who thought he knew s--- but didn't know s--- and got everyone he cared about killed?" Negan said. Rick insists no one drops their guns. Jadis tells him Negan made a better deal. "You pushed me. And you pushed me. And you pushed me, Rick!" Negan says. He knows they tried to blow him up but doesn't understand how Rick could do that to Eugene. "You people are animals," Eugene said. 

Negan orders Dwight and Simon to retrieve the coffin. He says, "So you don't like Eugene anymore. You guys gotta like Sasha! I do, too. Got her right here packaged for your convenience, alive and well." He brought her so he wouldn't have to kill everyone. He wants all the guns he managed to scrape up and he wants every last grain of lemonade and a person of Rick's choosing for Lucille. He also wants Daryl. Negan tells Rick, "You suck a--!" for making him kill Sasha. Rick wants to see her so Negan wants to get her up to speed.

Earlier again, Sasha is listening to music as her energy fades. She says, "It felt real," which takes her back to describing her dream to Abraham. Abraham kisses her before trying to get her to leave. "I like the way you call bulls---. So let me return the favor. The next thing you're gonna tell me is that you'll go and I can stay because I know you didn't like hearing yourself say Maggie's gotta take care of Maggie." He is right. "We lay our big meaties across the chopping block ahead of someone else's. It's always for someone else." Abraham insists Maggie is "carrying the future." Sasha agrees but goes on to kill him an idiot. 

Later, Eugene and Sasha exit the Sanctuary together. He reveals the Saviors have a plan before handing her the iPod she has been listening to. She insists she hasn't given up on him. Negan offers an alternative seat for Sasha but she wants to be in the coffin. She wants the rest. "I know how tough this is and I appreciate it," Negan tells Sasha. He closes her in and says, "Damn, you are something else."

Looking throught the iPod, she plays "Someday We'll All Be Free," before swallowing Eugene's pills. 

Now, Negan opens the coffin and Sasha emerges as a zombie. Carl uses the moment to gun down the junkyard people around him. Gunshot chaos breaks out. Michonne takes a beating. Rosita gets shot. Tara helps her. Daryl fires aggressively. Eric provides fire with other Alexandrians. Carl is firing from the wall. Jadis still has Rick. Meanwhile, Sasha has climbed on top of Negan but a Savior rescues him only to have his face eaten. Simon and Negan take cover. Jadis shoots Rick and kicks off the ledge. 

The gunfight continues. Carl and Scott shoot from behind trucks, Michonne is getting crushed upstairs. Rick is escorted through the streets by Jadis. He finds dead Alexandrians along the way. Carl is surrounded and on his knees. Negan is happy to see him.

Michonne is getting the life choked out of her but manages to kill the woman with a shard of something on the ground.

Rick kneels beside Carl. Rick starts a monologue. Jadis reminds Negan the "deal is for 12." She goes down to 10. Negan turns his attention to Rick again. He mocks how unimportant Rick has made his threats out to be but then sarcastically blames himself. He's "gotta make it right" and start all over again. He is talking about killing Carl but Carl tells him, "You're not gonna win.

Michonne is fighting again. The woman bounced back. "We're the ones who live," she manages to say, fighting getting thrown from the balcony.

Rick hears the scream and sees someone fall. Negan sees Rick's reaction. "Wow, you just lost somebody important to you! Just now! Jesus! That is timing," Negan said. Rick looks broken. "Well, Rick, you chose this," he said. "This isn't a warning. This is punishment. I'm gonna kill Carl now. I'm gonna make it one nice, hard swing. Try to do it in one because I like him." Negan is infuriated when Rick threatens to kill him again. He laughs it off. He takes Carl's hat off just as Shiva the tiger attacks a Saviors. The Kingdom rolls in on horseback. King Ezekiel calls out and "Alexandria will not fall, not on this day!" 

Gunfire breaks out again, including from Morgan. Negan draws a gun but it runs out of ammo. He is enjoying the fight. He runs from his spot and a Savior steps into it. He is promptly eaten by Shiva. Ezekiel and his soldiers gun down enemies. Morgan kills people with his pole. The Hilltop rolls up as the junkyard gang hides out. They launch a flare in the air. Smoke bombs come in. They're fleeing. The Saviors haul it out of town, too. Rick and others take aim. Ezekiel insists on finishing the fight. His soldiers give chase. Maggie reunites with Daryl. Alexandria fires at the Savior trucks on their way out as Negan gives them the middle finger. The junkyard group makes a push back to the Safe-Zone but Alexandria closes the gates and fires at them. Daryl discovers the entrance is all clear. 

Rick discovers the dead junkyard woman, realizing Michonne survived. He rushes upstairs to find her and sees her beaten almost beyond recognition. She has narrowly survived and shows faint signs of life. He tells her "we are" and "we will."

Negan, Eugene, Dwight, and Simon regroup at the Sanctuary. Negan asks Eugene how he thinks Sasha died in that box, and Eugene believes that she ran out of air because they sealed it tight. 

"Maybem" says Negan. As he looks out he tells a giant group of Saviors, "We are going to war!"

Back at ASZ, Rick asks Maggie if Sasha did that herself, and Maggie says she did. Maggie said the decision to help came a long time ago. She talks about them being family as she and Jesus find the walker Sasha in the woods. Jesus holds her down as Maggie cries and finishes it.

As Maggie's voiceover continues, she talks about Glenn starting everything when he helped Rick. The survivors are seen gathering things together and coming together. Morgan and Carol share a seat on the stairs as Maggie calls everyone family.

Daryl finds a wooden piece from Dwight, with the words, "Didn't know" on the back.

Michonne and Rosita sit in hospital beds, with Tara and Rick by their sides. Maggie says it all started with Rick and Glenn, and it grew into this family. 

Rick. Maggie, and Ezekiel stand in front of the entire group of survivors. They stand together as leaders. Maggie says Glenn made the decision, she was just following his lead. As the episode ends, Maggie is holding Glenn's watch.